What careers are most at risk regarding asbestos?

Aug 16, 2020 | Asbestos-related Diseases

The dangers related to asbestos are well-known in the United States, and as a result companies are slowly phasing out asbestos use in many industries. However, depending on where you work, your exposure risk may still be very high. For example, army veterans and construction workers have likely encountered asbestos at some point during their careers.

Even worse, those who work in high-risk occupations may bring back asbestos fibers on their clothing or skin and exposed family members. It is important to understand which occupations carry this risk. According to Asbestos Network, some of the most high-risk occupations include auto mechanics, firefighters and teachers.

Why are the risks for these occupations so high?

Even though construction companies no longer use asbestos at building sites, you can still find asbestos in some products. For instance, asbestos is still used in some brake linings and clutches. This is why auto mechanics are at risk of asbestos exposure, even today.

Firefighters are at risk because of the many different buildings they enter as part of their jobs. Older buildings are much more likely to contain asbestos, and if one of them catches on fire the firefighters must enter these buildings. Additionally, the suits that protect firefighters are often made from asbestos.

Why are teachers at risk?

The majority of at-risk occupations are industry-related. However, teachers are also at risk for asbestos exposure since many of them work in very old buildings. Particularly if an old school building is in disrepair, asbestos may leak into the air of the school. Plus, some art supplies use asbestos.

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