What is obliterative bronchiolitis?

Jun 6, 2020 | Asbestos-related Diseases

Missouri workers like you know that working with asbestos is dangerous. Unfortunately, there are still some industries in the state that use asbestos. Also, many older buildings used asbestos in the construction. This means you may face exposure without even knowing it.

Asbestos exposure may cause many types of illnesses. One is obliterative bronchiolitis. Like other asbestos-related ailments, it can cause victims a lot of suffering.

How popcorn lung became widely known

The National Library of Medicine discusses obliterative bronchiolitis (OB). This is also often referred to as popcorn lung. News broke that a chemical compound in fake popcorn butter is carcinogenic. Discussions started relating to workers who produce this popcorn. Many of these workers experienced a constant exposure to the chemical. Because of that, they began to suffer from OB. Due to the industry, the term “popcorn lung” stuck.

Asbestos exposure and its role in OB

But any sort of lung irritant can cause popcorn lung, despite the nickname. Asbestos is another common cause of OB. Asbestos exposure may take a while to affect your breathing. Symptoms often do not show for 2 to 8 weeks after exposure.

OB is not reversible. Treatments are available to slow degenerative damage. Unfortunately, the outcome for OB is often poor. Victims may pass in months to years. But OB is also rare among the populace. Even if you face exposure to asbestos, there is no guarantee you will suffer from OB. Have you found yourself dealing with shortness of breath, wheezing or exhaustion? If so, consider seeing a medical professional. Know that OB often does not show up in a chest x-ray and other tests are necessary.

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