The Fight To Increase Awareness Of Asbestos Exposure

Feb 28, 2019 | Asbestos-related Diseases

For a government entity that boasts its commitment to protection, the Environmental Protection Agency seems to be falling short in shielding the public from the continuing, deadly effects of asbestos exposure.

Following the EPA’s denial of a petition to mandate expanded asbestos reporting, several public health groups have joined forces. Through legal action, the organizations want the EPA to reconsider its end-of-year ruling through legal action.

Their goal is to encourage the EPA to raise their standards, specifically eliminating exemptions and opening up Chemical Data Reporting (CRD) reporting involving asbestos.

Does The Public Need Protection From The EPA?

Asserting their awareness of asbestos use and its risks, the EPA does not believe that any Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) changes or expansions would create any new information. They cite a mandated deadline that would prevent them from finalizing their asbestos-related risk evaluation.

More than a dozen state attorneys have joined the fight by filing a separate petition. In an accompanying letter from the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), they allege the EPA overstated their knowledge. Regardless of timelines, any new data could lead to future asbestos restrictions and expand knowledge of its uses and the effects of exposure.

The group’s attorney calls the agency “irresponsible” in their response and asserts that they are denying the public contemporary, if not life-saving data about asbestos to truly meet the requirements of the law.

The EPA’s response to the petition faces a May deadline.

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