The health consequences of benzene can be significant

Benzene is just about everywhere, but in certain occupations, your risk of exposure is greater than the average person. Depending on how it's used in your workplace, you could end up inhaling it, getting it on your skin or ingesting it.

With enough exposure, you could begin to suffer certain health conditions associated with this chemical. The kind of ailment you could suffer depends on the length, type and amount of your exposure.

Benzene-related health conditions

Below are many of the health conditions you could suffer from after exposure to benzene:

  • The linings of your airways could become inflamed from low-level exposure. At a high level of exposure, fluid could accumulate in your lungs and they could bleed, which could prove fatal.
  • Exposure to benzene vapors could lead to headaches, nerve issues in your limbs, memory loss and sleep disturbances, along with confusion and irritability. Exposure to high levels in a short time could cause seizures, decreased consciousness, coma or stupor, along with death.
  • Accidentally ingesting benzene can have devastating effects on the body, including poor oxygenation, lung damage and coma. Without immediate treatment, death may be a certainty.
  • Low levels of benzene exposure could cause skin irritation such as dermatitis. Second-degree burns could result from high levels.
  • Pancytopenia is a bone marrow disorder that results from chronic exposure to benzene. Your body will no longer be able to produce adequate red blood cells, which causes chronic anemia and other health issues.
  • Aplastic anemia is a more severe form of pancytopenia. Once your blood platelets drop too low to keep you alive, a blood transfusion may help until you receive a bone marrow transplant.
  • Extensive occupational exposure to benzene has been known to cause certain types of leukemia. The federal government took steps to regulate occupational exposure in order to prevent this from happening.

Exposure to benzene can become life threatening. Even at low levels of exposure, you could suffer physical damage that limits what you can do in your life and, perhaps, your life expectancy.

If you can prove that you suffered harm due to occupational exposure to benzene, you may receive compensation for your injuries that could help with your current and future medical needs. In addition, you may receive the monetary damages you need in order to provide for you and your family if you can no longer do so.

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