Are you sharing Illinois and Missouri roads with drunk drivers?

After reviewing updated studies regarding alcohol-related collisions in Missouri and Illinois, you may determine that the question should not be whether there are indeed drunk drivers in your midst; rather, a more appropriate question may simply ask which vehicles they are in. Chances are, if you frequently access highways in these two states, you are likely sharing the road with drunk drivers.  

No matter how safe a driver you happen to be, you can't control another motorist's behavior. Sadly, many alert and cautious drivers suffer serious, if not fatal injuries, because of the poor choices of others who get behind the wheel to drive while legally intoxicated. Knowing how to recognize the signs of a possible drunk driver may reduce your chances of becoming a drunk driving accident victim. If you or someone you love suffers injury because of another driver's negligence, there are support resources available to help you seek justice.  

What does drunk driving look like? 

A person's drunkenness may not always be immediately apparent. However, intoxicated motorists often exhibit certain behaviors on the road that may alert other motorists and pedestrians in the vicinity of potential danger. The following list includes signs that you may be sharing the road with an intoxicated driver: 

  • Drunk drivers often suffer impaired perception. If you witness a car traveling at erratic speeds that do not coincide with current traffic patterns, steer as far clear from that driver as possible because he or she might be drunk. 
  • If a driver appears to be lagging in his or her reaction time to traffic signals and stop signs, it's a definite sign that he or she may be operating under the influence of alcohol. 
  • Intoxicated drivers often crowd the steering wheel and windshield. Is a nearby driver sitting far up in the driver's seat? You may want to try to distance yourself from the vehicle. This is a common sign of drunk driving. 
  • If you're traveling after dusk and a nearby car is traveling without headlights on, be alert. The driver might be drunk. 
  • Many people have a difficult time holding their heads straight in sitting positions when they are intoxicated. If you notice another motorist whose head appears to be drooping to one side, you may have spotted a drunk driver.  

These issues are but a few examples of possible signs of drunk driving. When you're traveling with your friends or family in Illinois or Missouri, the last thing you need is to worry that another driver has irresponsibly chosen to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. If that choice causes you or your loved one injury, you can seek full recovery for your losses in court.

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