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The Fight to Ban Asbestos Moves to the States

The deadly effects of breathing in asbestos is a universally accepted fact. The countless number of people worldwide suffering from fatal diseases caused by the fibers continue to grow. In response to the health crisis, nations throughout the world have responded with outright bans on the use or importation of the cancer-causing carcinogen. Yet, one country continues its confounding holdout.

The United States.

More Asbestos-Tainted Products Removed from Claire's Shelves

Claire’s asbestos-related woes continue. The retailer is already residing under a microscope after significant levels of asbestos were found in three of their products marketed to teen and tween girls two years ago. The chain also emerged from bankruptcy towards the end of last year, discharging $1.9 billion in debt and looking for a fresh start.

JoJo Silwa, a popular YouTube and Nickelodeon star, launched a line of cosmetics sold on Claire’s shelves. At the tender age of 16 and with a net worth of approximately $12 million, she has established a merchandise empire that also includes bedroom décor, shoes, hair bows, dolls, clothes, and backpacks. Those products are prominently displayed at Target, Payless, and JC Penney.

A breath test that may save lives

Early detection of a disease can mean the difference between recovering and surviving or suffering and dying. For those diagnosed with mesothelioma, they face a particularly grim and uncertain future. The illness caused by asbestos has a 50-year latency period from the time of exposure and few symptoms that are specific.

Diagnosis usually does not come until the illness is in the advanced stages.

Asbestos danger: How aware of the risks are you?

You might be one of many Illinois residents who hear the word 'asbestos' and think of insulation hanging in an old attic somewhere. The fact is that serious danger risks still exist, and in many cases, are much more prevalent than people realize regarding asbestos and potential injuries that can occur from exposure.

If you grew up in a blue-collar family, you or someone you love may have worked in a factory, mill or shipyard at some point. While these aren't the only places where asbestos danger tends to be high, if you or someone in your household has worked in such industries and are experiencing health problems, you may want to discuss the possibility of asbestos injury with your doctor.

A tragedy with immediate and potentially long-term consequences

While cleanup efforts throughout the United States have removed a significant amount of asbestos, the deadly fibers once commonly found in supposedly safe roofing and insulation still exist. Discoveries of new dangers occur under various circumstances and practically on a daily basis.

An April 10 explosion caused by a gas leak in Durham, North Carolina, resulted in one such discovery. The aftermath saw two people dead, 24 others injured, and multiple North Duke Street businesses destroyed. Looking for answers as to the cause of the tragedy, search-and-rescue teams sifted through the rubble for several days.

The United States of Asbestos: Restrictions Instead of a Ban

Days after Andrew Wheeler testified before a congressional committee that he would ban the current use of asbestos, his Environmental Protection Agency instead announced newly tightened restrictions on the carcinogenic mineral.

It wasn’t the ban many were looking for.

Cruel and unusual strategies to fend off mesothelioma lawsuits

Severe and potentially fatal diseases contracted through asbestos exposure presents obstacles to those diagnosed and their family members. Complicating critical health issues further are legal and financial matters.

Legislators in Missouri seem intent on adding yet another barrier.

Helpful ideas regarding care of a terminally ill loved one

If your loved one is one of many in Illinois who have been concerned about lingering, adverse health symptoms, it likely means that your family has been feeling a bit stressed. There are many reasons why it's important to seek medical attention if you or a family member isn't feeling well but can't quite figure out why. One of the most important reasons is that symptoms might be due to a serious, underlying health issue.

Sadly, for many people in Illinois and across the country, this type of situation leads to medical examination, which, in turn, leads to a diagnosis of terminal illness. For those who work or have worked in factories, shipyards, mills or industries, such as construction, railroad or auto mechanics, such diagnoses often involve asbestos injuries.

Johnson & Johnson’s sudden and surprising settlements

Is Johnson & Johnson taking another look at their talc-based products and the possibility of asbestos playing a role in what seems to be countless mesothelioma diagnoses?

In a shocking and highly uncharacteristic decision by a company with vast financial resources, the top healthcare product manufacturer settled three lawsuits alleging that their talc products have a direct link to a serious and deadly illness.

Are Claire’s makeup products putting young people at risk?

The presence of asbestos was once commonplace in construction, shipbuilding and automotive industries, a practice that continued into the 1970’s. Up until the 1990’s, home insulation and building materials believed to be safe contained asbestos. Today, deadly fibers are still released into the air when materials are disturbed despite efforts to curtail the risk of exposure.

The shocking discovery of asbestos in Johnson & Johnson baby powder has increased awareness of its presence in consumer products. It has also put a larger number of consumers at risk of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses.

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